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Introducing Type Hero

Intelligent commentary on the TypeScript ecosystem and high quality, TypeScript-first tools.

AuthorBraden Snell

Dear TypeScript World,

👋 Hi, I'm Braden and this is Type Hero.

Microsoft released TypeScript 1.0 to the world in April 2014. I was working in a C# shop at the time and we were quick to adopt TypeScript for our frontend development. That early introduction to the language shaped my career in the ensuing years. I sought out opportunities to work with TypeScript. I applied for positions where I knew I could use the technology. Over the years, I've built some pretty cool stuff using the language ranging from web app frontends and backends to mobile apps. I've become intimately familiar with TypeScript's limitations and flaws. I've also seen first-hand the positive difference it makes when building applications large and small.

These years of experience have left me with a lot of strong opinions. Type Hero is a home for those opinions. It's also home to a growing group of open source projects designed to make building type safe applications a little easier. This isn't a personal blog. Just like the open source projects under the Type Hero name, I hope it eventually attracts thoughtful contributions from folks besides me. If you're looking for intelligent commentary on the TypeScript ecosystem and high quality, TypeScript-first tools look no further than Type Hero.

Enjoy reading!


Type Routebeta
Type safe, client-side routing. Harness the chaos of the URL with confidence and flexibility.
Type APIplanned
Full stack type safety. Integrated client/server solution. Generated API docs. Opinionated error handling.
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